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    23، أغسطس 2020

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    Around the house, there are always things that need to be repaired and our residential home repair services are designed around your needs and lifestyle. Our home repair contractors are fully qualified to carry out repairs of all kinds. Whether it is a one-time repair project that you have in mind or a regular repair and maintenance schedule, we have repair services that can fit your needs.When things break, we fix it. We can save your time & money. The time & price to find and install or replace broken fixtures and household items are options that you can leave to us. We believe options, both reliable & affordable... one-call that can get our technician on the way to fix whenever you needed something to be done like; problems with your heater, ventilator and cooling systems (HVAC), our technicians are able to repair virtually every problem or maintenance needed that comes up. The residential services repair contractors that we have on-staff are HVAC certified which means that they have plenty of experience and know-how, and that expertise has been proven through the certification process.


    Bathroom, Shower Head, Toilet, Kitchen, Sink or wash basin, Ceiling Fan, Deck & Patio, Door, Screen Door, Windows and window Frame, Window Screen, Drywall, Electrical, Light Fixture, Plumbing works Faucet and mixer tap, Floor, Tiles, Staircase, Furniture, Garage Door, Grout, Gutter, Handrail. Also included in our home repair services are solutions for carpentry, stone, tile, hardwood, hardware, minor plumbing&electrical;, cabinets, siding and etc.

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